We often ignore the policy section in any app.

Agreeing to terms and conditions without knowing what we're agreeing to is like signing a contract with the devil without reading the small print.

What's worse, many of us have faced the results of breaking a rule because we had no idea what we can and can't do on the platform.

This leads to outcomes we think we don't deserve, but often, we actually do.

So, I want to share with you 5 things you should NOT do on Instagram if you want to keep enjoying all the benefits it offers:

1. Sharing photos, videos, or digital drawings of nudity, sexual acts, genitals, or close-ups of body parts are not allowed. But pictures of a woman breastfeeding or related to health or protest, and artistic nudity in paintings and sculptures, ARE ALLOWED.

2. Linking your account to outside apps that aren't legally allowed to access Instagram, like those telling you who unfollowed you or help you add back a mistakenly deleted Reel.

3. Forcing people to do things that boost your account's numbers to win a prize or get exclusive content. For example, contests or giveaways.

4. Giving out someone's contact or personal information without their permission. If someone scammed you and you want to expose them, it's better to find a legal solution and talk to a lawyer.

5. Sending direct messages to promote your products or services without permission. For example, messaging someone who doesn't follow you about a business opportunity with you is not allowed.

What might happen if I do any of these things?

Instagram can take actions ranging from taking away certain perks, like advertising, to shutting down your account permanently.

How come some accounts do this and nothing happens?

Every day, Instagram shuts down many accounts, but new ones are created all the time. Some people might get away with it due to mistakes in the system, but remember that Instagram has a tool to report errors.

This tool helps Instagram improve its safety measures.

Could my Instagram account have been closed by mistake?

Yes, it's possible. If you think it was a mistake, you should appeal, and a real person will review your case and decide based on what's fair, which might change the initial decision.

In conclusion:

Each account has a score, and small mistakes can lower it. When your points run out, Instagram disables your account. So, it's crucial to follow the rules to keep your score up and avoid losing your account.

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